Matcha Latte

What is Matcha powder?

Over the last few years, matcha has become very popular across the globe and has been used in cafes for different types of food and beverages from matcha latte and fine dining dishes to matcha doughnuts. Matcha originated from Japan and is a powder made from dried finely ground green tea leaves, to make matcha green tea powder. Matcha has been used in Japanese traditions like tea ceremonies for centuries and has become popular because of the vast range of health benefits and great taste many admire from all around the world.

Matcha Latte recipe

A matcha green tea latte is prepared almost the same as a matcha tea but is considered more indulgent and less potent due to the addition of milk and sweeteners.

To make a matcha latte, there are simple steps and only a few ingredients to use. Typically a cup of matcha green tea latte consists of; one and a half teaspoons of matcha powder that is sifted into a cup ready to be mixed in with one tablespoon of boiling water. It is important at this point of the matcha latte recipe that you whisk vigorously until there are no lumps remaining. In traditional Japanese culture, a matcha whisk also known as a bamboo whisk is used to ensure a smooth texture of the matcha mixture. For those with a sweeter tooth, a teaspoon of honey, liquid sweetener or maple syrup can be added and whisked in. Finally using a milk frother, three-quarters of a cup of hot-frothed milk is added to complete the matcha latte recipe. Of course, there are plenty of variations of how others enjoy their matcha latte, like adding different levels of sweetener or using different types of milk like oat milk, light coconut milk and almond milk. Not only can a matcha latte be enjoyed warm, but can also be served cold and even an iced matcha latte during those hot summer months.

Comparing a traditional green tea beverage to a matcha latte, drinking a matcha latte results in consuming an entire tea leaf in one drink. Due to the fine matcha green tea powder, a matcha latte has approximately 10x more nutrients than regular green tea, providing you with great health benefits.

What does good quality matcha powder look like?

To identify good quality matcha powder, it is important that the matcha powder is vibrant green in colour, has an ultra-fine powder silky texture and the packaging limits sunlight exposure. It is completely normal to expect to pay a little more for matcha powders than a bag of usual coffee due to the specialised growing conditions and manufacturing process. A cup of matcha latte should have a strong aroma of fresh grass smell with a hint of sweetness.

The benefits of Matcha tea?

Matcha in general is known for its vast range of health benefits, which is why people love to drink matcha latte. Matcha is rich in caffeine which gives the boots many individuals love from a caffeinated drink. Matcha is also full of amino acids and high in antioxidants, which studies have shown can have positive effects on weight loss and lower your risk of certain diseases. The richness in antioxidants and nutrients can help with the complexion of the skin, acne-prone skin and psoriasis while adding a healthy glow.

The list of health benefits continues for matcha as there have been discoveries that people who consume a matcha beverage like matcha latte, have an increased amount of good gut bacteria and a decreased amount of harmful gut bacteria. Drinking good quality matcha latte and matcha tea beverages can help strengthen bones and as a result reduce your risk of bone fracture. Drinking matcha drinks including matcha latte appeared to increase bone mineral density than other kinds of tea, due to the high amount of plant compounds found in matcha.

The Sage of Cambridge

The Sage of Cambridge is a cosy and friendly coffee shop in the heart of Cambridge, that takes pride in serving speciality coffees including matcha lattes. The Sage is open every day from 8 am until 4 pm, perfect for a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack while staying in Cambridge. The cafe is inspired by the heritage of the famous Cambridge Fellows, which are showcased through dedicated artwork, giving the decor of the cafe a blend of academic Cambridge heritage and a luxury contemporary style.

The Sage of Cambridge sources locally and ethically wherever possible, and is proud to heavily cater to many different dietary requirements and choices like vegetarian and vegan diets. Our Cambridge local coffee shop is excited for guests to try a delicious cup of our new high-quality matcha latte. Of course, we offer dairy-free matcha lattes for our guests with dietary requirements, who can still be able to enjoy the frothy milk of the matcha latte. Guests can also enjoy the matcha latte at The Sage of Cambridge while outdoors in the pretty sitting area, perfect for the summer to meet with a friend or a great co-working quiet space.

The Sage is located within The Fellows House but has its own separate entrance. The Sage of Cambridge and The Fellows House are part of the same company, which is also part of the Curio Collection by Hilton. The Sage is a great way for guests or individuals passing by to unwind, have a bite to eat and enjoy a masterfully crafted matcha latte.

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