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Coffee and cake articles

Matcha Latte in Cambridge - The Sage of Cambridge
Jun 17 2024

Matcha Latte

What is Matcha powder? Over the last few years, matcha has become very popular across the globe and has been used in cafes for different types...
Vegetarian & Vegan Lunch - The Sage of Cambridge
May 15 2024

Vegetarian & Vegan Lunch in Cambridge

The definition of a vegetarian diet is that vegetarians do not eat any food products that has been made from meat, shellfish, fish, crustacea...
Coffee shop in Cambridge - The Sage of Cambridge
Apr 17 2024

Coffee Explained

Statistics show coffee is the most popular drink worldwide. Just in the UK alone, the British Coffee Association estimates that 98 million cups...
Cambridge cafe
Nov 07 2023

Co-working cafe in Cambridge

In today's fast-paced world, the lines between work, study, and leisure often blur. Finding the perfect place where you can be productive and...
coffee in cambridge
Jul 26 2023

Coffee in Cambridge

Coffee culture in Cambridge Cambridge, a historic city nestled along the River Cam in England, is renowned for its prestigious university,...